Duratech DT401257 ด้ามฟรี 3-IN-1 (ขนาด 1/4", 3/8", 1/2")


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Duratech รุ่น DTRH3IN1 ด้ามฟรี 3in1 (DT401257) 3 in 1 ตัวเดียวจบครบทั้ง 2-3-4 หุน ➤ 3 In 1 Design:The ratchet handle offers 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drive, which provides more options with less to carry. ➤ 72 Tooth: Strong 72 tooth ratchet allows for greater torque to be applied to ensure a firm grip on nuts and bolts, only need a 5°arc swing to turn fasteners, it's essential for working in narrow space. ➤ Reversible Design: Flush mounted reversing lever allows you to change direction without removing the socket from the fastener. Save time and effort, improve working efficiency. ➤ 180°Pivoting Head:Flex Head tilts up to 180-Degree at any interval, making it possible to reach the most hard-to-reach fasteners. ➤ High-Strength Materials: Full-polish ratchet is made of alloy steel to provide excellent durability. The finish provides resistance to corrosion.Ergonomically design handle for comfort, designed for the professional.


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